July 23, 2009. Last Day in Kuala Lumpur. Trip to Penang.


The morning of the 23rd I got up at 07:00 and headed out for coffee. I returned about 08:30 and the girls came knocking about 09:00. We went out for breakfast. We had noodle soup at a little place we had tried before and liked. It was very inexpensive. After breakfast we split up and planned to meet up at a certain cafe at 14:00 to go to the airport.

I walked down to the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. It’s the largest covered bird park in the world. I toured it and watched a little trained bird show. The bird park was a little disappointing. They birds were hard to see. They were not in cages as birds should be for easy viewing.

Then I headed out to the cafe. I wanted to get there a little early and have lunch. I talked to an Australian couple who were headed for Bangkok, but would be gone before we will arrive. They gave me some names of places to visit in Pattaya.

Before I finished my snack the girls showed up. The only things they had bought were matching necklaces at 25 ringgit each (about $8.00 USD). I have to admit I am surprised how conservative Vivian is. She is equally as conservative as her mother. I thought she was the opposite.

Air Asia Food Kosk
Air Asia Food Kosk Homef the world’s worst hot dog.
We walked to the hotel and retrieved our luggage. Then we found a taxi to the airport who charged the same price as the one who brought us to the city, 100 ringgit (about $36.00 USD). This was less expensive than $15.00 USD each on a van, and considerably more convenient.

We got to the airport in plenty of time. Against all better judgment and 60 years of experience I bought a hot dog from the Air Asia food kiosk. It turned out that experience and judgment were correct. It was the worst hot dog I have ever tasted.

We arrived in Penang after a short, uneventful flight. We took a taxi to Tune Hotel, part of a chain of hotels owned by Air Asia. The hotel was brand new and painted red and white, same as the Air Asia planes. It is a discount hotel chain. They advertise 5 star quality beds, large heavy flow showers, and any extras you might want to pay for. Their ad is true.

Their way of doing business is to charge the lowest possible price for a room, then add on for any “extras” a guest may want. When you check in you are given a card key that is coded for any extra you have paid for. This includes air conditioning, towels and personal items, safe, internet access, TV, hair dryer, safe, etc. The card key is inserted in an outlet in the room and activates anything you paid for (except towels which are provided at Reception).

We decided on no extras, though I thought air conditioning and towels would be a nice touch. I figured I could get WiFi at the coffee place next door. es were small. The shower and the bed, which were part of the basic, no frills, package, were great.

Tune Hotel is next to New World Park which is a recently opened attraction of food stalls, entertainment venues, and stores. I had a seafood and noodle soup for dinner for 4.50 ringgit (about $1.45 USD). Sea and Vivian had similar things from different food sellers.

After dinner we watched a break dancing performance. It was fun for me to hear Asian kids trying to talk like

American blacks. The dancers came from as far away as Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The dancing was OK.

Then we went to a karaoke place where old women were on stage singing while old couples danced in front of the stage. All of the songs were in Chinese. I did not recognize any. Vivian said the newest song she heard was from the 1980s, making me feel very old. Some of my favorite music is from the 1980s. The pics came out dark.

Then we came to an area where a large group was dancing to music. This was similar to the dance/aerobics in my park in Shenzhen. Sea joined in. About 23:30 we called it a night.

Old People Karaoke
Old People Karaoke

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