July 26, 2009. Antique Bicycles, Another Chinese Temple. Fish Feet.

Ceramic Vase
Ceramic Vase

The girls wanted to sleep in today, being worn out from the heat and the walking yesterday. I went out for coffee about 07:00 but couldn’t find any that early. I settled for instant Malaysian milk tea from a 7-11. It was so sweet I could barely get it down.

Later we met up at Old Town White Coffee for lunch and internet access. I had a noodle and fish soup with a glass of iced tea. It was OK, but nothing to get excited about. It wasn’t very expensive, but Vivian bought the meal, so I don’t know exactly what it cost. It was less than $3.00 USD I am sure.

There was an antique bicycle exposition going on nearby. While the girls used the computer I walked to it and looked. There were displays of old bicycles that had been restored and there were modified bikes, like motorcycle choppers. There were three bike arranged on a stage. I assume these were the winners in various classes.

It was past noon when we finished at Old Town Coffee. Then we continued exploring Historic Georgetown. But the first thing we did was to visit a Chinese temple Sea

had discovered yesterday, but couldn’t get in. It was too late and it was closed. I am unsure of why this temple was so special. From the outside and inside it looked like every other temple I have seen.

In these temples there are always a few people hanging around to look after things, answer questions, sell religious supplies. One of the people in this temple was a little old man of Indian descent. He took the girls around and showed them what to do. The funny thing was he took a liking to Vivian and was all over her. He virtually pushed Sea out of the way when she got between him and Vivian. He wasn’t the least bit subtle.

The girls did their prayers, burned their joss sticks, lit their candles. Then they burned some papers that had tiny bits of very thin gold leaf in it. It represented sending their prayers to heaven. I have never seen this done before.

Finally, the little Indian led us into a back room where there was an altar and a shrine. The girls prayed. I took pics.

The last thing they did was to take a

big container of sticks and shake it until one fell out. Each stick was numbered and then number was matched to a fortune written on a piece of paper. I have seen Sea do this before and she can get very excited if the fortune is good. Today neither of the girls were excited, so I guess their futures aren’t as happy as they could be.

There were some very attractive and unusual ceramic vases sitting around the temple. I got a few pics of them

Finally we finished at the temple and continued down the street. We came to a giant pet store and went in. There must have been 500 aquariums of different fish. All were perfectly maintained and very clean. The place did not have the usual “pet store” odor. In addition to the fish they had dogs, cats, other small mammals, reptiles of all sorts, birds, and insects. I found it fascinating. In the back of the store they even had a fish spa. We spent more than an hour in the place. Photographs were not allowed because the flash would scare the animals. Too bad.

By this time is was almost 16:00

and we decided to go no further. That was fine with me since I had gotten a little sun poisoning the day before. It turned out the girls had found yet another fish spa, and they wanted to go for a treatment. It was a place in New World Park called Happy Feet. I thought it was a shoe store. They offered guests from the Tune Hotel a 20% discount, making a 30 minute treatment cost just 17.60 ringgit (about $5.25USD). I think they each got an hour’s worth of fish nibbling. Sea put her hands in the water until they caught her and made her take them out. They had not been sanitized.

We met up at the bicycle exhibition and had diner at the food court. I had fried oysters, which turned out to be oysters in scrambled eggs topped with cut up green onions. It was good. Eggs and oysters go together well. We shared a large plate of fresh fruit.

We made it another early night. I wanted to catch up on my writing and find my lost Kuala Lumpur pictures.

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