July 27-28 Penang to Bangkok to Pattaya

Pattaya Taxi
Pattaya Taxi

We arrived at the Bangkok airport late at night. We were lucky to get the last bus to Pattaya. The bus cost 113 baht each (about $3.50 USD). If we had missed it we would have been forced to take a taxi at over 1000 baht. The ride was nearly 2 hours long. The Pattaya bus stop was on the side of the road. There was no terminal.

There were motor bikes waiting at the bus stop, but no taxis. We waited around a few minutes and a taxi drove by. We flagged him down, but he neither read nor spoke English so we couldn’t tell him where we wanted to go.

We crossed the highway and walked to a busy corner. After a few minutes a pickup truck stopped. We showed him the name of the hotel, and he said 100 baht (about $3.00 USD). Great. We threw our bags on board and climbed in. In just a few minutes we were at the Sunshine Hotel.

It turns out that these pickup trucks are what everyone uses for transportation. They are like the tuk-tuks that are everywhere in Bangkok. There were no tuk-tuks in Pattaya.


Susshine Hotel was very nice. It was new, clean, and modern. It had two swimming pools, restaurants, and a great location. If I went out the front door of the Sunshine Hotel and turned left, it was less than a block to the beach. If I turned right it was less than a block the main street of town. On main street, if I walked to the right there was a high end shopping district. If I went to the left, I entered the sleazy, strip club area of town. The rooms were $27.00 USD per night.

After checking in we went to look for something to eat. We found a seafood restaurant that was run by a loud mouthed Frenchman. He never stopped talking. I had steamed mussels and clams. The girls had Asian noodle dishes. Nothing was very good. Then we returned to the hotel for bed.

I got up about 08:00 and went out for a few minutes to explore. I walked down to the beach and took a few pictures. Then I stopped in a beach front cafe for a cup of coffee. After coffee I returned to the hotel. They girls were still

not up, so I decided they were on their own.

The hotel had a great breakfast buffet included in the price of the room. It would have been more than the price of the room if it had been anywhere else. It had American food, Thai food, salads and fruits, cereals, eggs to order, many kinds of bread and toasts. I had a bowl of mushroom and rice soup followed by and eggs, bacon, and a croissant. Then I had a little salad. I thought I might have to go back to bed sleep off the breakfast, but I took off back down toward the beach. If you were not staying at the hotel, the buffet cost 150 baht (about $4.25 USD), a bargain. You wouldn’t have to eat the rest of the day.

I wandered around all day, spending most of the day in the sleazy part of town. Tried to get a few pics of disgusting old men with attractive young Thai girlfriends. I got a few, but there were literally hundreds I missed because vile old men aren’t interested in posing with their pretty young girlfriends. I had to be very discreet, pretending to take

a picture of something else. I found a cafe with a view of an ATM. This was the best place for picture taking. I was well aware that later I, a vile old man, would be seen walking with two pretty girls. I wonder if I would be photographed.

There were many German restaurants in Pattaya. There was heavy German influence there. I noticed the signs in my hotel were in Thai, English and German. There was a German cafe across the street from my hotel. I stopped there a couple of times to rest and have a bowl of red cabbage and an iced beer.

Later I met up with Sea and Vivian. They had been to the better part of town and had been shopping. One of the things they bought were cards good in a food court in a high end shopping mall. They invited me to dinner. I had a German sausage platter with fries and slaw. The next night I had a pork knuckle at the same place. I hated to have German food in Thailand, but German food is harder to find in the world than is Thai. I figured I could

have Thai in Bangkok.

We walked around before dinner while the girls took pictures of each other and I took pictures of them. They never seemed to tire of posing. 

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33 Photo(s): 21 Displayed : Extra Photos: « Back 1 2 Next »

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