July 12, 2009. A Very Lazy Day.

Fruit Seller
Fruit Seller

It was a little cooler this morning. I forgot to check my thermometer, but I would guess it was around 85. Still, the sun was out and it felt very hot and uncomfortable. I have no plans for today, and might not even go out. I have opened the place up and turned on the fan. Will see if I can go today without air conditioning. I don’t know why this is important to me.

Here are some pics of my alley in the hot early part of the day, then later. It’s like a ghost town when the sun is shining. Once the sun goes behind the building things pick up. Most of the time there is activity well into the night. The pile of wood at the lower right is from the upholstery shop.

The metal shop guy was reading and working, otherwise the alley was vacant in the heat. It is now 14:00, and I haven’t gone out yet. Have been reading, cleaning, laundry, internet, messing around.

Someone posted a message that they were looking for a game of chess at La Casa at 16:00. I thought about going, but then decided against it. Sometimes

less is more. I will play again Tuesday, that’s soon enough. I see a couple of people said they would go.


It’s getting to be a habit, I went to the oyster restaurant again tonight. It’s not so much for the oysters as it is for the outdoor tables in the parking lot. They set them up about 20:30, after the sun is down and things have cooled off a bit.

When I arrived the outdoor tables weren’t set up, so I took a little walk in the park. Then I returned and took a table next to the sidewalk. I didn’t want oysters again so I pointed at some things other people were having. I ended up with Pad Thai and sausage on a stick. Along with a beer, the meal came to 32 yuan (about $4.75 USD).

For the first time a street vendor came by selling fruit. I didn’t buy any. Also a Chinese midget and her child came by begging for money. I have them 3 yuan. In Vietnam two people come by begging or selling something every five minutes. Here I see some beggars from time to time, but don’t

remember ever seeing a street seller walking around.

There are a few street vendors that set up at various locations, but you have to go to them. They do not come to you. In China there are very few places where people can sit outside. Maybe it’s too hot. So there aren’t enough people sitting around outside to make it worthwhile to walk to them.

I sat at my table about an hour. I considered going to the Special Cigarette Store for a Chinese cigar to smoke with a second beer. It is
just two doors down. But in the end I really didn’t want one badly enough to walk 50 feet. Once again I didn’t see anyone I knew.

I bought some peaches on my way home. They are quite hard. I’m not sure if they are ripe, or if I need to let them sit a few days. I’ll try one later… My nut sellers weren’t there again. I guess they have abandoned my market. The next time I want peanuts I’ll have to go to Everyone and Supermarket.


About Charles Kirtley

Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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