July 19, 2009. Trip to Kuala Lumpur.

Petaling Street at Night
Petaling Street at Night

Our flight was supposed to leave for Kuala Lumpur at 11:25, but because of the typhoon it didn’t take off until 15:00. It was a bumpy ride, one which I don’t care to make again. After about two hours it got a bit smoother, but it was never what I would call a smooth flight. The total time was about 4 hours.

I might have already mentioned this, so excuse me if it is a repeat. Vivian, Sea’s grown and married daughter decided to accompany us on the trip. She paid her own way and has her own room. I hope it works out. They can go shopping, I’ll go drinking. Hahaha.

By the time we got through Customs, Passport Control and to the hotel it was past 21:00. The girls and I took a walk around the neighborhood. It was very busy, active and hot.

The people here look completely different from the Vietnamese or Cambodians or Thais. They are definitely Asian, but have a distinct look. Also there are many Asian Indians and Chinese running around here. Many of the signs are in Malay, Chinese and English. It’s a pleasure to be somewhere where I can

get by using English.

And they are Muslims. Many of the women are running around in full black burkhas . The rest have the head scarves. It is very hot here. I wonder what the have on under the bukhas.

We got a bit to eat in a Malaysian restaurant. I had a thing like a crepe with curried chicken thigh and a curry gravy on top. I am sure it has a name, but I didn’t learn it. It was pretty good, but the food stall wasn’t air conditioned, so I didn’t have much of an appetite. I had a mango tea with it. The tea was the best part of the meal. It had lots of little chunks of mango in it. The 3 meals cost 23 ringgits for everything (about $7.00 USD). No bad, especially since we were in a tourist area.

We walked around for a couple of hours, but it was very tiring because of the crowds of people and the street vendors were very annoying and aggressive. Finally we stopped in a cafe where I got an iced beer. The girls had some iced tea concoction. Then we went to a

store for some bottled water to take to the rooms.

I got a few pics, but they turned out very dark. My little flash doesn’t work well at night unless I am very close to the subject. I will try to lighten them, but if I can they will be grainy.

When we got to our room, I fell asleep immediately.

JULY 20. Morning.

We are staying in the Stay Orange Hotel. The rooms are tiny, but seem clean enough. For some reason I dreamed about fleas last night. It has free WiFi. I connected last night just to see if it worked. It did. It is now 06:00 the next morning and the connection doesn’t work. I will go to Reception after my shower to see what is the problem.

The girls want to sleep in this morning. In a while I will go out for coffee. We want to take a half day city tour today. I have one book marked on my computer if I can get on the internet. Otherwise I find a Tour Desk at another hotel. Stay Orange doesn’t have a Tour Desk.



just got back from my walk. There is still no sign of life in Vivian’s room and Sea was not awake. If they are not up by the time I finish this post, they are on their own today. They would probably prefer that anyway. They like to shop.

The weather was relatively cool this morning. It had rained and was a little cloudy, but by the the time I returned to the hotel the sun was out. I had coffee and found a hotel with a travel desk. I picked up some literature there. Some English speaking local guy shared my table at coffee. He ate a noodle dish for breakfast. We talked. When I returned from my walk I talked to them at Reception about the WiFi. They said it was OK, and they were correct.

Kuala Lumpur is a lot smaller than I imagined. Four days here might be too many. We’ll see.

Here are some pics I took this morning.


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