July 7, 2009. More Censorship.


I noted a few weeks ago that I signed up for Twitter, Facebook, and a couple of other “social networking” services. For a number of reasons I don’t really care for them, and hardly ever use them. But I did enjoy using Twitter to follow events in Iran after the contested election.

In the news the past few days there have been stories of some sort of trouble in Xinjiang. I am unsure if it is anti-government trouble, or groups fighting among themselves. Xinjiang borders on two or three of the “…stan” Muslim countries. There might be some Muslim problems there like everywhere else in the world.

Sea is from Xinjiang. I am anxious to talk to her about what is going on there. I assume she has been in contact with friends and family.

I decided to have a look on Twitter last night and it was blocked. But I am never sure if something is blocked or if it some other problem. I tried a few other sites and everything worked.

Then I ran across a news story that said Twitter was being blocked in Xinjiang. It seems it is blocked in Shenzhen too. Apparently

the government thinks Twitter is too effective as a tool for instant communications.

I am on my way to play chess in a few minutes. I tried Twitter again. Still blocked. A quick check of my news services turned up no new stories about fighting in Xinjiang nor internet censorship in China.

Facebook, MySpace, Hotmail, gMail, all seem OK. Only Twitter is being interfered with. I am anxious to see if anyone says anything tonight. But I will not bring up the subject.


I just got back from chess. I won two games and lost two. I am excited because I didn’t make a single dumb move tonight. The games I lost were to players who were clearly better than me. In fact when I played Umberto (1700 rating) I was ahead by points until the last few moves. I feel good about my playing tonight. I got my confidence back after my dismal showing on Saturday.

There were several new players tonight. There was a Chinese girl named FangFang and two guys from Poland, one named Kami, the other I forgot. All were good players, but not on the level of Eduardo

or Umberto.

Had dinner at a Thai restaurant in CoCo Park. I had prawn and mushroom soup (Tom Yum Soup) plus a dish of curried shellfish. It was quite good, but expensive. I probably won’t go back.

The subject of censorship did not come up last night. I see on some discussion boards that there are programs that allow you to get around the blocks. I got a couple of names and will try to install them. Maybe everyone uses these programs all the time, so the black outs don’t really matter. That would explain why no one is ever upset.

I now see on a discussion board that Facebook is blocked. I tried it and couldn’t get on.

Here are some pics of my park. I took them this afternoon. It was very hot, even in the shade. There were almost no people there.

About Charles Kirtley

Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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