July 8, 2009. More Censorship, Nice Park.

Lotus Bloom
Lotus Bloom

Twitter and Facebook are still blocked. I mentioned this to a friend and we went on a walk together. This person is very paranoid. I can not even say if it is a man or a woman or how I know them. We went to a park where I had never been and we would not be known if someone was ease dropping.

The park where we went is called Lotus Park. That is not it’s official name, but is what everyone calls it because it contains several large lakes full of lotus plants. There are lotus flowers worked into the design of everything, much like Mickey Mouse at Disney.

It has the usual trails and bridges. It has a very nice swimming pool. It was a beautiful park, but the day was so hot it was hard to get enthused. We walked about an hour, then we parted and I went home. I was wet from top to bottom in sweat.

It seems that most Chinese people dislike the government, especially at the local level. To get the smallest thing done requires a bribe. I met a lady a few months ago who had to purchase two

cartons of very expensive cigarettes to give to an official to get her divorce papers approved. Without the cigarettes, her papers would have sat on the official’s desk forever.

Most government officials live very well, though they are paid very little. They are hated by the people. Somehow the government in Beijing has a better reputation. But ultimately it is responsible for the government at the local levels.

Every few days in the paper there is a story about some corrupt official being found out and punished. In a country the size of China there should be hundreds of these stories every day. I figure they let these stories out to make people think they are trying to end corruption. But in fact, the government protects its own.

The fighting in Xinjiang is between Uighur Chinese Muslims and the Han Chinese who are not Muslim. From what I understand fighting broke out between these groups at a factory where a large number of both worked. It spread from there. It’s been on the news all night. I guess if it anti-government rioting it would not make the news.

I emailed Sea about it. I got a reply that I didn’t understand very well. She is following the trouble by telephone and chatting on the computer. It seems pretty severe, from what I can tell.

I was invited to a trivia contest tonight, but once I got into the air conditioning I didn’t feel like going out again. Maybe next time.

I ate at the noodle restaurant and had my usual plate of fresh noodles and vegetables. I probably won’t go out for my laps tonight. I am exhausted from the heat today. I will work on planning my Malaysia trip in my air conditioned house.

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Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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