June 26-27, 2009. Typhoon

View from under My Umbrella
View from under My Umbrella

I got up this morning and checked the internet. Nothing. I will ask around at work to see if anyone knows what’s up.

The weather has been very hot with intermittent rain showers that do little to cool things off. On the TV there is a little symbol indicating a typhoon. Yesterday it was blue. Today it is yellow. I’m not sure what it means, but I am sure yellow is more serious than blue. When they give the weather here they do not use maps or Doppler images, so it’s hard for me to understand anything.

I asked around about the internet block. Apparently it is some sort of announced outage because of something going on out in the country. I think is is supposed to be technical in nature, but I have no idea what that means. No one seems very upset. I wonder if no one really cares or if everyone is cautious about expressing disapproval. Not even foreigners seem upset about it. Everyone carries on as usual. Maybe I have become overly dependant on internet communications and news.


About 22:00 I checked the internet and it was back on. I checked my

messages and posted my blog from yesterday, then went to bed. This morning (Saturday) there was no internet again. As I write this it is still off.

While the internet was working I did see some news about Google being blocked by China. As I suspected it was because of the porn access. I don’t know how or why the problem was resolved, or if it was.

I don’t know what the government thinks it will accomplish by these interferences. I don’t think it is really about porn. The Chinese are not a prudish people. The chat rooms and forum postings are 80% about sex, and while there are no pictures, the language used by both males and females is quite graphic. And no subject is off limits. I think something else is up with the blocks. Maybe they are practice for a future situation.


While the internet was working I got a message from Mirko asking if I could play chess today. There are a couple of players who live out of town and would rather play on the weekends because of travel time. I replied OK to Saturday, but now

I don’t know what to do. I would go to La Casa and hang around for a while, but I don’t even know the time the game was scheduled, if it was scheduled at all.

It is cloudy and raining today, but still hot. My thermometer says it is 86 on my balcony. Will have to turn on the TV to see if the typhoon warning sign has changed color. I guess I should go out this morning in case the rain turns heavy later.

I decided to walk to the library to read today’s China Post. It was raining so I used my beautiful new mauve umbrella. I assume the rain was the result of the typhoon. I thought I might find some information about its location, direction, strength etc. in the paper. But that was not the case. I got a few pics from under my umbrella.

After reading the paper I headed home and stopped at the Muslim restaurant for a green salad and some lamb kabobs. It was crowded for that time of the day, probably because the weather outside was bad.

It continued to rain all day, but never really hard,

and there was very little wind. Is this the typhoon?

It is 17:00 and I just got home. The internet is working again. I decided to post this blog before doing anything else in case it goes out again.

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Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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