June 28, 2009. Sushi Dinner. Internet Back.

After the Typhoon
After the Typhoon

I just read a news story on line that said the governments of China, Cuba and Burma have been interfering with the internet in an attempt to block news of the Iranian protests. This makes a lot more sense to me than what I have been hearing. Why give the people any ideas?

I guess the typhoon has passed. The little warning box is gone from the TV screen. It has been raining off and on all morning. The next time it stops I am going to get out a while. It is slightly cooler today. Last night I didn’t turn the air conditioner on for the first time in several days. My thermometer says it is 86.5 in the shade on my balcony.

Last night I went for my laps in the park and it appeared to be closed. All the lights were off and the aerobics class wasn’t meeting. There were only a handful of people walking. The walkway where I go was flooded in several places. I made two laps before getting creeped out and leaving.

I took the long way home last nigrt and found a sushi restaurant where they had a conveyor belt

full of sushi running by the seats at the bar. I have seen this type of set-up on the Travel Channel, but never in person. If it’s not raining tonight, I plan on having dinner there. From what I could see from the window there was a good variety of nice looking food on the belt. I will probably over do it when I go there.

Speaking of over doing it, when I went out a few minutes ago it started raining. I took refuge in a restaurant where, to pay for my table, I ordered something from the picture menu. I really wasn’t hungry. They brought out a delicious dish that I devoured even though I was not hungry.

I thought it was meat served atop noodles. In fact it was meat served in a heated cast iron skillet on a bed of sliced raw onions. I am not sure of the meat. I think it was beef, but it could have been lamb or pork. It was sliced in extremely small, thin thin pieces, including lots of fat. It was stir fried with green onions and seasoned with cumin. It was served with toasted sesame seeds

and raw cilantro.

If I ever return to the USA I will write a cookbook called “Simple Ingredients, Well Prepared.” This dish will be in it.


The rain held off and I walked to the sushi place for dinner. The conveyor was in a U shape with two chefs in the bottom of the U. They were completely enclosed in a glass bobble except for 4 tiny windows where they added dishes to the belt. I don’t know how they got to the bathroom.

The sushi was good and there was a nice variety, but to tell the truth, the differences in flavor between a salmon and a tuna and a crab or is slight if the flesh is fresh. 90% of favor is from the soy, ginger and wasabi. Consequently everything tastes the more or less same, at least to my unsophisticated palate.

The best things were the smoked eel and smoked fish fins. I also had some raw salmon shaped like a flower with a drop of garlic mayonnaise in the center. It was great, but most of the flavor came from the mayonnaise. I had a few things I did not

recognize including something I am pretty sure were sea worms.

And it was expensive. There were 6 or 7 different colored plates on which the food was served. I would guess that 80% of the items were on the plates coded for 13 yuan (about $2.00 USD). The least expensive plates were just vegetables at 5 yuan. The most expensive were 25 yuan, most of which seemed to be fried items. On the 13 yuan plates there were sometimes 2 pieces of shush, sometimes four and sometimes 6, depending on what it was. The 6 piece plates were always vegetable sushi.

My bill, including 1 Kirin beer, came to 77 yuan (about $11.00 USD). While it was good, I won’t go back. There are many better things to eat at a fraction of that price.

Here are some pics from today, after the typhoon passed through.

PS. While out walking yesterday I stopped at a tobacco store. The cigarettes Martin gave out at his wedding were 100 yuan (nearly $15.00 USD) per pack. The cheapest cigarettes they sold were 4.5 yuan (about 0.65 USD) per pack. I just thought that was interesting.

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