June 29, 2009. Minsk World.

Building at the Bus Stop
Building at the Bus Stop

For the past few days the TV has been running ads for Minsk World, so and friend and I decided to go this afternoon.

Minsk World is a theme park built around The Minsk, an old Soviet aircraft carrier given to China when the two countries were great commie buddies. The TV ads show jets flying over head, military marching shows, rides, and exhibits. It really didn’t sound all that interesting, but I have been a little bored, so I talked my colleague to accompany me.

It was a long bus ride of nearly an hour. The bus we got was old, and while it had air conditioning, it wasn’t all that good. I was a little uncomfortable during the trip. It turned out Minsk World was the last stop on the 202 line. It was, of course, on the ocean and close to the port.

We got off and walked into the park. There wasn’t much to it. There are a few kiddie rides and a roller skating rink. There were a few old military exhibits of fighter jets, cannon, and helicopters. A lot of things were closed. Maybe it was off season, or maybe there was

not enough business to keep things open. Most things were in poor repair and needed paint.

Admission for Chinese was 130 yuan (about $19.00 USD), and only 65 yuan (almost 10.00 USD) for foreigners. Luckily I had my passport with me and was able to get the foreigner price. There were very few people around, maybe because of the the 130 yuan admission.

We walked onto the ship. It was big, but quite small for an aircraft carrier. It was painted white. Inside a stage show was just beginning. It consisted of about 8 song and dance numbers. Every other number was either Chinese or Russian. The Russian numbers were preformed by Russians, the Chinese by Chinese. There were maybe 100 people watching the show.

There was an exhibit of the Russian space shuttle, but it was closed. I don’t know what that was about, but apparently if it was open, you could sit inside a capsule. It might have simulated a ride.

After the show we walked through the ship. There wasn’t much to it, and all the controls and instruments had been crudely stripped out. Maintenance was poor, everything seemed well used and neglected.

There were some old jets and helicopters parked on the flight deck. All had broken windows, flat tires, and were rusty. The helicopters’ blades were broken. Everything was dented and the paint was chipped. At least there was a nice breeze from the ocean.

We walked around on deck taking pics of the old missiles, torpedoes, anti-aircraft guns, and whatever else there was to see.

After seeing all there was we started to leave the ship. While walking over the bridge to the shore I noticed a giant school of jelly fish swimming off to one side. Thy were very large. I didn’t recognize the species. They were slowly swimming around, often breaking the surface. It was very interesting.

Then we got back on the bus for the long ride home. It was about 21:30 when I got to my stop. I headed to the noodle restaurant for a plate of fresh noodles and veggies for 9 yuan (about $1.35 USD). Then
I walked across the street to my place. Was was a little after 22:00 when I opened the door. It was stifling, so I turned on the air conditioner and got in the shower. When

I got out it was cooler. I sat down to check the news and write this.

Tomorrow is chess night. I will have to practice a few games tomorrow. It is too late tonight, and I am tired from the heat. 
Jet Fighters
Jet Fighters

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