June 11, 2009. Ouch

Grinding Away
Grinding Away

Woke up to rain this morning. It was still hot and muggy. Sometimes the rain seems to cool things off, sometimes not. Today is a not day. I slept with the air conditioner on last night.

My new best friend, the metal worker who I watch from my balcony, was working away. The noise was loud and the sparks were flying. Somehow I feel better when he is working. I don’t know why this is. I have never spoken to him, or even walked by the shop.

I have to go to Hong Kong on Saturday. I have to leave China every 60 days to get my visa renewed. I did it last time when I went to Thailand. I’m not sure what this will involve. Do I have to stay a cerrtain amount of time in Hong Kong, or can I return the same day? I have asked Nina, the visa expert, but her answer was unclear. So it is possible that I will be out of communication for a few days. I will carry my laptop, of course. If I have to spend time in Hong Kong, I should be able to find a place with internet.

Fortunately English is not uncommon in Hong Kong. I will be able to find my answers easily. There are lots of places advertising visa services.

If I have to stay a few days in Hong Kong I have a bunch of tourist things I can do. The bad part is that Hong Kong is very expensive. Hotels around the wharf are $200.00/night and up. If I have to say more than a day or two, I’ll look for a cheaper room elsewhere.

There was a great story on the news last night. Some nut job was threatening to jump off a bridge into a 4 lane highway. The road was closed for several hours as the police tried to talk the guy down. Rescue workers put an inflatable cushion out below the bridge. After several hours a 71 year old man ran through the police lines and pushed the guy off the bridge. He landed on the cushion and was hurt, but not killed. I am sure everyone stuck in cars on the highway applauded. They said the 71 year old man was a known eccentric in the neighborhood. The story wasn’t clear about what happened to him.

I would argue that he is a hero and should be given an award.

I also saw in the paper that they are making a sequel to the movie Dragonball. If you remember, I saw it here and said it was stupid, but probably popular. According to the article, Dargonball flopped and only took in 9 million in the USA. But it made 45 million in China and Japan. Thus the sequel. I can’t wait.

This evening I went out for dinner. It was drizzling so I carried my umbrella, but didn’t open it. I was wearing my Chinese Crocs. I slipped on the sidewalk and jammed by left big toe into a brick. Great pain!! I was sure I had broken it, and I was sure it was bleeding. I limped to the closest restaurant where I could sit down. There I slipped my shoe off and took a look. To my relief it wasn’t as bad as I had feared. The toe was already swelling, but there was no blood.

I am 99% sure my toe is broken. This is the same toe I broke in Myrtle Beach a few years ago. Maybe it was

weakened from the previous break.

The waitress brought a menu and I ordered something. By this time I really wasn’t hungry, but felt I should spend some money in return for the seat. In Shenzhen there are no cafes where you can sit at a sidewalk table and have a coffee or a beer, read a newspaper, and watch the people walk by. In Shenzhen there are dozens of restaurants in my neighborhood, but I have not found any cafes.

Anyway, I ordered a noodle dish and a beer with ice. The food was great, but I was in a lot of pain and was uncomfortably hot. I only ate a little. The cost was a very reasonable 12 yuan (about $1.80 USD). It had corn kernel size pieces of noodles mixed with green, red, and yellow peppers along with a trace of pork. I will definitely have it again when when my circumstances are different. Actually, I enjoyed the beer more that the food because it was iced. I was hot and sweaty from my short walk.

When I felt a little better I limped home. I had slipped once before when it was wet and

I was wearing my Chinese Crocs. I threw them away after that, but they are so comfortable I dug them out of the garbage. This time they are gone for good. I took a pic of my feet for your enjoyment. It is still daylight as I write this, but I doubt that I will go out again tonight. I am sitting in front of the fan watching horrible Chinese TV and listening to the metal fabricator grind away.

Mail Delivery in My Building
Mail Delivery in My Building
It is left between the security bars.

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