June 16, 2009. Chess Night.

  Woman with Bird Cage
Woman with Bird Cage

It rained again last night and most of the morning. It is still hot and humid, but not quite as bad as on a sunny day. My toe is almost completely healed. I am barely aware of it. I am happy about that.

This afternoon I watched a butcher kill and dress a chicken. The woman came to the butcher shop and spoke a few words. In five seconds the butcher reached into the cage, grabbed a chicken and wrung its neck. Then quickly he cut a diamond shape opening in the neck where blood began to run out into a pan. He hung the chicken upside down over the pan for a few minutes until the blood stopped. I have noticed the diamond shaped cuts in the necks of dressed chickens and ducks. Now I know why it is there.

The butcher handed the chicken to his assistant, a woman who is probably his wife. She began pulling the feathers out. That is when I left. I walked home, taking a few pics.

I finally found a use for Twitter. Last night I followed the news from Iran. The protestors were Twittering as events unfolded. Unfortunately 95%

Special Cigarette Store
Special Cigarette Store
No, it’s not “that” kind of special cigarette

of the people posting were not even in Iran, and many who were there were not where the action was taking place. But there were enough good, exciting, first hand reports to keep things interesting. I was up until 02:30 last night reading.

I had sugared tomatoes for dinner last night. I saw someone else order them and they looked good. I pointed at his plate to order mine. Actually, I thought the white stuff on the tomatoes was probably salt. I was surprised when it turned out to be sugar.

The sugar was very fine and melted almost instantly. It reminded me of cotton candy. Within 5 minutes of being served, all of the sugar had disappeared. The tomatoes weren’t very good. They didn’t have a good flavor. I only ate about half of them. It cost 12 yan (under $2.00 USD). I bought a bag of peanuts on my way home.

I played chess last night. There was a meeting announced on the internet. It was at a cafe across the street from CoCo Park. I have always taken a taxi to CoCo Park, but the other day I found a bus stop where a

bus ran that went to CoCo Park. So I walked to that bus stop and got on bus 73. In a few minutes I was there.

Sea and Edison accompanied me to the cafe. But they went shopping and didn’t stay around for chess. They didn’t purchase anything.

7 people showed up to play. I played three games and won two. The game I lost was to a guy from Belgium who had an international rating in the 1700s. When I was playing a lot, my rating was in the low 1200s, and I was considered pretty good. In other words, he was superb player. I didn’t give him much of a game, but it was a pleasure to loose to someone that good. Later in the evening he played four people at once, beating them all.

The organizer of the club is a guy named Mirko, an Italian. I met him last time, but wasn’t sure of his name or what kind of accent he had. He was a nice guy. Everyone was very friendly. Mirko said he was going to schedule the games for every Tuesday night in the future. They would be played at

the same cafe, too. Before this, they had been irregular and scheduled when ever and where it struck Mirko to post his announcement.

We played outside last night and about 22:00 it began to rain. That is when I left.


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Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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