June 19, 2009. Wedding Preparations

Vivian & Martin's Building
Vivian & Martin’s Building

I wasn’t going to make a post today because it was so hot I didn’t do anything. But I did take a pic of my dinner and a few other things, so here they are.

Since it was so hot I decided to order what looked like a cold papaya salad for dinner. What came out was a dish of sautéed celery, garlic and tofu. It was very good, but hot. I had an iced Harbin beer to take the heat away from the meal. The sauté was 12 yuan and the beer was 6. The entire meal cost around $2.65 USD.

It turns out the Vivian’s wedding is on Sunday the 21st. I thought it was on the 20th. And somewhere I heard something about the 23rd. But, no. It’s the 21st.

I am going with Nina and her husband, whose name I must find before tomorrow. I think there is a lunch with Martin (an who else I do not know – his friends, family, etc.?) And there is a big dinner later. When and where the actual ceremony takes place I don’t know yet. Someone told me I am welcome to take as many pictures

as I want.

I hope there will be some English speaking westerners there for me to hang with. Since both Martin and Vivian work for western companies, I think there will be.

Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be the hottest days of the year so far. The temperature is supposed to get to 34. I’m not sure what that means in Fahrenheit. I will try to find my clock/calendar/thermometer today. The paper said this is the weekend for college placement exams. People are worried the temperature will affect the students’ performance. I guess they are given in un-air conditioned rooms. Good luck to them.


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