June 6, 2009. Weekend.

Muslim Restaurant
Muslim Restaurant

Friday night I turned on the air conditioner and let it run all night. I gave up on becoming acclimated to living in 80+ degree temperatures. Today is stifling hot again.

I walked to the library. It was open. I sat in the air conditioning and read English language papers for a couple of hours. I did not find a single reference to the internet shut down.

Then I headed home, taking pics as I walked. I came to a restaurant called “Muslim.” Having never tried Muslim food, I stopped in there for a late lunch. They had a picture menu outside and the dishes looked great. Also, it was air conditioned.

I went in and got a table by the window. I studied the menu and didn’t really see anything that jumped out as being a Muslim food. Maybe the lamb satay would count. Otherwise it was a very Chinese looking menu, albeit with many unusual meats like yak, llama, buffalo, and rat. All the dishes were presented in great looking ways. Everything had lots of eye appeal.

Because of the heat I wasn’t as hungry as I thought and just ordered a green salad and

a Tsingtao with ice. It’s unusual to see a green salad on a menu here. I kind of miss them. The salad they brought out did not disappoint. It had four kinds of lettuce, two kinds of mushrooms, red, yellow, and green sweet peppers, onion, peanuts, red cabbage, radishes, and probably some other things I have forgotten. It was covered with toasted sesame seeds and dressed with a very light, slightly sweet sesame oil and soy dressing. Everything was fresh and crisp. Nothing had been prepared that morning and put in a refrigerator waiting for someone to order it.

In case you can’t tell, I thought it was great. I will be back for another of these. It was 18 yuan (about $2.65 USD). The Tsingtao was a rip off at 10 yuan (about $1.50 USD), but the salad was so good and the air conditioning so cool, I was happy to pay it.

After lunch I stopped in a clothing store and bought two pairs of shorts that were made of a very thin fabric. They have elastic waist band with draw strings. No hot belt is required. To go with my new shorts I bought a

gray “Guess” brand t-shirt. It has some sort of a picture on it and no pocket, but it felt light, so I got it. Heat trumps convenience these days. The total for the 3 things came to 115 yuan (about $17.00 USD).

So far I have been satisfied with the few clothing purchases I have made in China. I was afraid things would wear out quickly or fall apart, but this has not been the case. I wear my $2.00 “Crocs” every night in the park. They are comfortable and holding up well.

Finally I made it home where I sat in front of the fan and read until dark. Then I went across the street for a bowl of noodle soup after which I walked to the park and did my 12 laps. I returned home wet from top to bottom, so I jumped in the shower and spent the rest of the evening on the internet looking for stories about the internet block. I didn’t find much.

Later, I joined the “Spicy Food Lovers” group on ShenzhenStuff. It is a group that meets for lunch or dinners of spicy food. Their website does not have

any events listed, and I notice the sponsor of the group is in Italy now. We’ll see..

After a couple of hours I got sleepy, turned on the a/c, and went to bed.


About Charles Kirtley

Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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