June 1, 2009. Another Month Begins.

Tough Mushrooms
Tough Mushrooms

Last night I ate dinner at a restaurant on the street level of my building. I have never eaten there before. It is a place that has a buffet-like set up. You choose what you want from the 15 or 20 things offered. You can have a lot of one thing, or a little of several. It costs 15 yuan (about $2.15 USD) for a plate.

I had a seaweed, chicken, green beans, mushrooms, veggies, and noodle dish. It looked pretty good. I wanted to try seaweed, as I haven’t eaten it before, thought I see it for sale everywhere. As often happens, things were not as I thought. First of all, the chicken turned out to be tofu. No problem, I went vegetarian last night. Then it turned out that the seaweed and green beans were pickled before being cooked. Cooked pickles aren’t very good. The mushrooms were the very long, thin kind with the tiny caps. The stems were 4-5 inches long and the thickness of spaghetti. I have seen these in stores, even in the USA, but have never eaten them. It turns out they are quite tough and stringy. The noodles were what I have always

called “glass” noodles. They are made from mung beans. They were good, and as I expected. But overall my dinner last night was not very good. Cooked pickles and tofu are not a good combo.

Today began very hot, sunny, and humid. I guess the good cool weather is gone. I am back to working on my acclimation project. By the time I got to the bus stop this morning I was sweating.

I have two fans in my apartment, one in the bedroom, and one in the living room. This morning I turned the living room fan on and it didn’t work. After making some noise, the blades finally began turning. I didn’t like the sound of it straining and decided I needed a new fan. So after work I walked to my favorite store, Wal-Mart, to do some fan shopping. Bought a nice little table fan for 89 yuan (about $13.00 USD). It even has a remote control.

As I took the old fan out to the trash, and a guy offered to buy it from me for 5 yuan. I accepted. He didn’t even know if it worked. I guess it had a scrap

value, probably from the copper windings in the motor.

While at Wal-Mart I also bought 6 almond cookies. They were on sale. Usually 5.80 yuan/6. Today they were 4.80 yuan/6. That is under $1.00 USD. These are big cookies, about 4 inches diameter, and they have an walnut baked in the center of each one. I started to get 12, but exercised a little will power. I also bought 3 smoked sausages like I had over New Year. They cost 10.50 yuan (about $1.50 USD). I ate so many, I kind of burned myself out on them before. These are the first I have had since then. They are very coarsely ground, spicy, and heavily smoked. I’m going to save them for Friday night and have them with a couple of Tsingtao.

Just for fun I looked at the milk. Like before, it was all out dated, or dated to expire today. Not being a fan of chicken feet, I didn’t buy any.

On my way home I walked through the market. I got pics of the mushrooms I ate last night as well as a few other things.

I did my finances for last month.

My total expenditures came to $810. + change. Martin’s birthday party was close to $200.00, so if it hadn’t been for that, I would have spent about $625.00. Not bad considering I eat every meal out. I don’t feel like I am leading the life of a monk, but maybe I am.

I am actually saving a bit, but I noticed Air Asia is having a sale on flights to Malaysia, about $110.00 round trip. I can’t go in June, but I will probably go in July if the sale is still in effect.

Here are some pics I took of my neighborhood.

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