June 2, 2009. Library Closed Today.

 Foot Pherenology
Foot Pherenology

The weather continues to warm up. Each day seems a little hotter, a little more humid than the day before. The library was closed today. I do not know why. There was a sign on the door, but I could not read it, so don’t know if it pertained to the closing. I walked home, buying a Shenzhen Daily on the way. The Daily contains mostly local news. For some reason, the local vendors don’t sell the China Post which has national and world news.

After returning from Thailand my left foot, the one I broke, turned black and blue around the ankle. There was no new pain or swelling, so I didn’t see anyone about it. I assumed I just walked too much while on vacation. Slowly it got better, and seems OK now, though still swollen and painful if I stand or walk too much.

Yesterday while snooping around I noticed two places that had big pictures of feet outside their doors. The pictures showed all the important areas on the foot and what part of the body was affected by each. They reminded me of the old phrenology charts you see from the 19th Century. I’m

not sure if they are for acupuncture or massage, or both. I started to go into one to see if they could do anything for my foot, but chickened out because of probable language problems. I’ll have to find someone who speaks English, Chinese, and is a fan of foot massage.

Last night I saw the worst movie ever shown on Chinese TV. It was karate fighting puppets dressed in ancient Chinese (Japanese?) costumes. You have heard of things being so bad they are good. This was not the least bit good.

Tonight I ate in a restaurant with a picture menu. I ordered what I thought was brown rice along with a dish of liver and peppers with ginger. The liver dish was great, a little spicy and very flavorful. The ginger flavor went well with the liver. I’ve had variations of this dish before. It’s always good.

The brown rice looked a little funny, the grains were too long. I looked closer, and they seemed to be worms or insects of some kind. Not being a fan of “Bizarre Foods,” I almost got ill. I put on my glasses and looked closer. Then I saw

Thought ithis pic was lost. Found it!!

the “brown rice” was actually tiny fish, about .5 – .75 inches long. I think they were dried, salted, re-hydrated, then cooked with onions, peppers, peas, and a few other small pieces of vegetables. I tried them, and they were very good. The flavor reminded me of a very mild Vietnamese fish sauce, but spicy. I will have them again.

I have seen these little fish and shrimp in every market in Asia. They are displayed in huge bags or bins. They are very fragrant. I assumed they were eaten as they were, like potato chips. Now I know better.

I stopped at the night market and got some watermelon. I took it home instead of trying to eat it on a stick. I actually took a picture of it, but deleted it before I transferred it to my computer. These are old pics.

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