May 22, 2009. Noodles Again.

Fresh Pulled Noodle Dinner
Fresh Pulled Noodle Dinner

From now on I am not going to comment on the heat and humidity. Everyone can assume it is uncomfortably hot and humid. If it is not, I will say otherwise. Have continued to resist turning on the a/c. Working to get acclimated. Am sleeping on my cool bamboo be mattress cover.

As long as I an streamlining, you can assume my day is as follows unless I say something different: Work, read at the library, walk home, dinner, exercise in the park.

Had coffee and a not-so-fresh Wal-Mart almond cookie for breakfast.

Looked at my Twitter account last night. I still don’t get it. Most of the posts are trying to advertise or sell something. The rest are random, disjointed thoughts and phrases that make almost no sense. I guess I am getting old. I’ll give it another try in a few days. If I don’t have an epiphany of some sort, I’ll put Twitter on the shelf next to my Corfam shoes.

Saturday night Sea mentioned that she had a calcium deficiency when she was a child. If I understood her correctly, she still suffers from it. I bought her some milk the other day

when I went to Wal-Mart.

After I got home tonight I looked up sources of calcium. Besides dairy, the best source of calcium seems to be green leafy vegetables, especially spinach. They do eat a lot of green vegetables in China, but most seem to be either in the cabbage or grass families. I don’t recall ever seeing spinach.

Another thing about China is the dairy. At Wal-Mart they sell a package of 3 small cartons of milk for 6.90 (about 1.05 USD), if I remember correctly. I noticed the cartons were dated to expire on the 20th, the same day I bought them. For the same price you could buy a package of 4 cartons dated the 18th, 2 days past expiration. They had no milk of any brand or in any size container dated to expire after the 20th. Maybe they date their milk differently in China. Or maybe that’s how Wal-Mart keeps its prices down. It is something I will look at from now on. What else is out of date?

Yesterday I said I was going to find somewhere else to have dinner tonight. I have eaten at the noodle shop several nights

in a row. I like it because the food is good, the guys who run it are friendly, the menu is all in pictures on the wall, and it is very inexpensive. It is close to my building, but there must be 12-15 restaurants on my block, most of which I have not tried.

But at the last minute I opted for the noodle restaurant again. I had noodles on a plate, not in soup. They were served like spaghetti with a broken up fried egg and lightly cooked tomatoes. It had a very light red sauce. It came with a small bowl of broth and a cup of warm tea. Always good. It cost 10 yuan (about $1.50 USD).

The pics below are my dinner and a view of some other restaurants along the block. The only one I have tried is the one to the very far left with the yellow sign. It was good and had a picture menu. I don’t know why I haven’t been back.

I was thinking about my cholesterol. In the last 4 months I have eaten very little meat and almost dairy. The only “bad” thing I eat is

eggs, but I probably average less than a half an egg a day. I walk several miles almost every day. It must be quite low. I would like to have it measured.

Everyone and Supermarket is the nearby grocery store. I don’t get the name. Maybe it should be Everything and Supermarket. They sell a lot of stuff besides groceries.

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Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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