May 13, 2009. Earthquake Anniversary.

Yesterday (May 12, 2009) was the one year anniversary of the big earthquake in China. It was in Schuian Province and officially about 85,000 people were killed. Several towns were flattened. All day and night the TV was devoted to it. There were hundreds of dead babies and adults shown, scenes of mass destruction, and starving refugees begging for assistance.

They also showed the results of reconstruction. They showed happy children in new schools, adults in new homes, and smiling people working in new factories. There were endless patriotic songs, dances, and speeches. Monuments were unveiled and dedicated. Government officials laid flowers on graves and memorials. There were dramatic readings and poems. There were endless speeches. All of the news was devoted to the earthquake and the rebuilding. It was very much worse than we heard about in the USA where it made the news only a few days. It really affected the entire country.

It is very hot here again. It is like yesterday. Last night I ate fruit for dinner because everything else seemed too heavy. I have never been a fruit eater, but I have eaten lots lately. Last night I had half of a small watermelon, some bananas, and some cherry tomatoes. All were thoroughly chilled in the refrigerator before I ate them. I have to be losing weight, though I don’t have a scale to measure.

I didn’t eat the pancakes I bought on my way home yesterday. They are still in the refrigerator. Maybe tonight. I think they will stay good for weeks.

The umbrellas were out in force again today because the sun was so bright. Since they were on my mind, I stopped in a store to look for one on my way home. I couldn’t find a black one, so I didn’t buy one. They were all pastels, floral, etc. I guess that is because 99% of umbrellas are carried by women protecting themselves from the sun. Men don’t do that.

I’m off to the park. It is at least 5 degrees cooler there.


About Charles Kirtley

Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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