The Grand Palace, Bangkok.


The morning of the 16th we got up early, had coffee, and made our way to the Grand Palace for the second time. We had gone there the previous day but were turned away because it was open to Thai nationals only as part of the New Year celebration. Also we were not correctly dressed. Today it was open to everyone, and we were dressed as required.

We arrived about 09:30. There was an admission charge. I think it was 200 baht (about $6.00 USD). That included a trip through the museum to see the Crown Jewels and admission to the Grand Palace grounds.

The Crown Jewels were first in line, so we entered the museum and looked at them. They were interesting, beautiful and exquisitely made. We fell in with a tour group and got to hear a guide offer information about them that was not available in the displays.

After the museum we walked onto the grounds of the Palace. Mostly I did not know what I was seeing, only that it was spectacular. I will let the pics speak for themselves.

At one side of the compound was a shrine where Sea wanted to

pray. There was a guy selling a package of religious things including a lotus flower, 3 joss sticks, a candle, and a bottle of perfumed water for 40 baht (a little over $1.00 USD). Sea bought the prayer kit and went to the shrine. I found a shady place and sat down.

After touring the Palace we returned to Khaosan Road about 15:00 where the Songkran foolishness was in full swing.

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