Living in China. July 2, 2010

Hot today and the humidity is back. Walked 6 blocks to my bank and my shirt was wet. Still, when all is said and done, I feel healthier fighting the heat and never driving anywhere.

DSCN0501 DSCN0500 DSCN0498

The elevator was not working when I got home. I live on the 7th floor, but the ground floor is numbered 0, so I had to climb 8 flights up. More good exercise.

Met some friends at CoCo Park where we watched a soccer game. CoCo Park is a large multi-story shopping mall. It covers an entire city block. On two sides of the mall are outdoor cafes, restaurants, and bars. There must be several thousand outdoor seats. This night we literally got the last seats in all of CoCo Park. We were lucky.

DSCN0511 DSCN0512 DSCN0509

It was still very hot, even after the sun went down. They gave out those horns like they play at the games in South Africa. The crowd was very enthusiastic. Had a nice time.

DSCN0515 DSCN0540 DSCN0504 DSCN0529 DSCN0517


About Charles Kirtley

Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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