Living in China. July 5, 2010.

Hot and sunny again. My apartment was 82 this morning and it feels very cool. I guess it will hit 100 again today.

DSCN0555 DSCN0556

Went to the library and read a couple hours in the morning. The streets were relatively empty because it was too hot for people to be out and about.

Found out that June pays here employees 1300 Yuan the first month and 1400 Yuan (about $200.00 USD) after the first month. She also provides them with room and board. This is more or less standard wages. I have noticed the restaurant row close to my house seems to provide housing across the street. I have noticed the employees coming on duty about 16:30 in the afternoons. Don’t know if they live in dormitories or in individual rooms. I’ll ask June the next time I see her.

DSCN0563 DSCN0562 DSCN0561 DSCN0560 DSCN0559 DSCN0558 DSCN0557

I went to the park about 18:00. The streets were crowded by then. Entertained the idea of walking to Wal-Mart for coffee, but talked myself out of it. I will be close to a JUSCO tomorrow when I play chess. Will get some there.


About Charles Kirtley

Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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