Living in China. June 23, 2012. A Close Call

Today, for some reason the supervisor/landlord was called to our apartment. I didn’t know why, but he and his assistant were looking out of my office window. I didn’t know what was up, so I grabbed a Global Times and headed to the park while whatever was wrong was being fixed.

My problem was I had thrown about as dozen dumplings out the window one day a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been pretty good about watching my caloric intake, and those dumplings didn’t fit in. Plus I wasn’t hungry. I worried that a falling dumpling had clogged someone’s air conditioning pipe or even something worse. I decided I might be able to come up with some sort of excuse if I thought about things as I strolled in the park.

Since it was Dragon Boat Day there was someone in the park giving out slices of cold watermelon and rice cakes wrapped in banana leaves. I accepted one of each, even though I wasn’t hungry. The rice cake was completely different from the one I had at home, though it wasn’t bad.

After thinking about things, I decided I’d tell Sea I dropped a dumpling on the floor, and that’s why I threw it out the window. A perfect story.

I returned home but the landlord was still there. He had PVC pipes laid out all over the floor. He seemed to be in a good mood, so I took that to be a sign that dumplings weren’t part of the problem. I grabbed Sea and we went to a small cafe a couple of blocks from the house where we sat outside and I had a beer. I was feeling pretty good.

Before I finished my beer, Sea’s son called and told us everything was finished. Relieved, we went home.

I still have no idea what the problem was about, but I almost feel giddy that falling dumplings weren’t part of it.

At the bottom of this note are some pictures of the baby at the TCM Hospital. I had planned to send them tomorrow, but who knows? Tomorrow is a long way away. As you can probably tell, the weather is bad today, so I’m mainly stuck inside with little to do but write.


The baby didn’t go to the hospital today for the first time in a week++. Sea went and they just gave her a shot. I guess that’s better than 8 hours of drips like yesterday. She seems to feel a bit better now.

A few days ago Sea got a “permanent wave” in her hair. Part of the deal is you get your hair washed every other day for 10 days (5 washings). Sea was able to get he fifth and final wash before she went to the TCM hospital. Serendipity all around.

Rice cake from Dragon Boat Day

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Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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