Living in China. July 8, 2012.

There was another article in the paper about the new H.K. Univ. Hospital. It costs 130 Yuan (about $20.50 USD) for a visit. People are complaining because that’s higher than other hospitals.

I should explain that people here don’t have family doctors like we do, and all doctors work in hospitals. They don’t have their own offices. That’s why they expect 2000 people a day to visit the H.K.U. Hosp. once it gets up and running at full speed. When you enter the hospital you will be assigned a doctor, then you go to his office in the hospital and await your turn. 95% or more of the patients will be in and out within a few minutes. They will see a doctor and get a prescription, or whatever. If necessary they will be admitted to the hospital. I wonder if they will ask the patients to have someone to stay with them like the Peking Univ. Hosp. did? Poor Sea stayed with me most of the time.

Above are some food pics. The first is the v.c. fruit I mentioned a few days ago. It’s about the size of a grapefruit. Sea puts the white flesh in my yogurt. I think she still has a couple of those Vivian brought yesterday. It also comes with blood red flesh. They taste about the same. I ate third of a red on yesterday split with Sea and Edison.

Next are a few shrimp I had for lunch yesterday. I put my wrist watch between the bowls to illustrate their size. They’d be called extra large in the U.S.A. Sea bought about a pound or a little more for slightly more that $3.00. When she got home with them they were still jumping around. Very fresh.

Third are clams I had for lunch today. They were squirting water when Sea brought them home. Once again you can see my watch between the bowls. They were steamed with ginger. The brown liquid in both pics is a vinegar. I think I’ve mentioned how important vinegar is in Chinese cooking. Even small stores will stock a dozen or more kinds, and a large store may have 100 different, some costing $100. or more per bottle. These clams were just for me. Sea and Edison prefer shrimp. Very thoughtful.

JOHN: Can you send me music by email that I can load on to my iPod? I listen to my iPod 2+ hours every day. I’m beginning to get tired of a few things, but I don’t want to erase anyting. Insted I want to put them on to my P.C. and add some new stuff. BTW, You have excellent taste in music. I’ve only heard one song I’d delete if if knew its title and artist.

It looks like it’s trying to rain, so I’m going to run out and try to do a lap or two in the park before it does.

About Charles Kirtley

Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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