Living in China. August 7, 2012. More Quiet Days

It’s been very quiet, so I don’t have much news.

Vivian’s father came in to stay with her, so she’s not been bringing the baby over during the day. On the 2nd she took us out to lunch at a very nice restaurant in the Sinopec building about 8 blocks from here. I’d eaten there once before a while ago, but I didn’t remember the food being as good as it was. Maybe the difference was that Martin ordered the first time, and Vivian ordered this time. She must have ordered 15 dishes for the 4 of us. We had fried milk which was served in little square pieces. It was very light and very sweet. We had a whole fish, a mutton dish, several veggie dishes, a couple of noodle dishes, a tofu and pork dish served over an open flame, and an excellent sweet potato wrapped in a light pastry. For some reason they always order a beef dish for me, but the beef is always extremely tough, and served with bones.

There have been two typhoons that hit a little north of here. We didn’t get any rain, but we got the hot weather that goes before them. On Friday it got to 102, and Saturday it got to 99, Sunday it was cloudy, but still very hot. The paper said there is yet another typhoon headed close to here, but we’re not expecting a direct hit. So far this week it’s been cloudy and a little cooler. It rained for about 5 minutes this afternoon.

It’s been too hot to cook, so we’ve been ordering in, or eating out. Two very hot nights we all walked to a noodle place several blocks away. I’d been there before, but this was the first time this trip. The place was tiny with only 4 tables inside and a small table for two outside. It was not air conditioned. The noodle soup is good, but it was really too hot to eat soup. They had a small ceiling fan, but it didn’t do much good. Vivian, Edison, and the baby ate outside, but I don’t think it was any cooler there. It was extremely uncomfortable both times we went there. They didn’t have water or beer, so I drank a bottle of plum juice. It was good, but too sweet and sticky to be satisfying in the heat.

Here are a few random pics.

Friday night we got together with a few friends at Kingway barbecue. Mike, the English cross-dresser, had his 4 grown kids visiting. They seemed a bit sullen. Maybe it was jet lag. Anyway, we had a very nice evening. The food was  excellent. My editor from the Shenzhen Daily was there. We had a nice talk about office politics.

Played chess Saturday, but only 3 people turned out, probably because of the heat. Had a nice green salad at La Casa.

I think Vivian’s coming with the baby tomorrow. She prefers to leave the baby with her mother if she goes to work. She thinks mothers take care of babies better than fathers. She’s probably correct.

Sea has been planning our trip to Xinjiang. She determined  it was cost us 8576. Yuan each (a little over $1300.). Most of that will be for the plane tickets, but she found a hotel for 2 nights in her home town, and even estimated food costs. We’re only taking her iPad, no computers. In theory I can send and receive emails on it, but if everything is in Chinese, I may be cut off from the world for 3 or 4 days. We’re leaving on the 12th.

The pic below is of breadfruit. I thought they were durians, but they don’t smell bad like durians. They are only harvested when the fall to the ground. They are never picked. They grow all over the city. So far as I know I’ve never eaten one.

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Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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