Living in China. September 21, 2012.

It’s been very quiet here lately. I have little to report. We’ve had a few get togethers with friends and I’ve been going to chess club. Every afternoon I take my walks. I’m still exploring the new neighborhood.

Edison went out of town for the weekend on business. Vivian and Eleven are coming to spend the weekend with us. They will stay in Edison’s room. Sea told me Vivian will bring me a pair of silver chopsticks for an early birthday gift. Supposedly they will turn black if they touch poison food. Can’t wait. Sea is out shopping for groceries for the weekend.

The apartment complex where I live has two buildings with a garden between them. They’ve started on a third building. It’s on our side and the construction noise is pretty irritating. They start work at 06:00 and work well into the night. The last few days we’ve had rain, so they run a pump constantly to get the water out of the hole that will become the basement. It looks like the new building will partially block our nice views. Above are a couple of pics of the construction from my window and picture of a picture of what the new building will look like. It looks like an office building, not an apartment.

Here are some random food pics. The top one is some sort of egg dumplings with balls made of god knows what. They taste like pine needles combined with Vicks Vapor Rub. The second is a celery and scallion stir fry. Pretty good. The bottom is as close to an omelet you can get. It had small nut-like things in it, but the had no flavor. Again, it wasn’t bad.

The Shenzhen government is thinking about enacting rules of civility. They have been asking for suggestions from the public. They got suggestions for things like outlawing spitting, littering, allowing babies to urinate on the sidewalks, smoking in non-smoking places, etc. They also got some more frivolous suggestions like dental hygiene, talking too loud, and requiring a courtesy flush in public toilets. Anyway, in yesterday’s Shenzhen Daily there were three editorials. Two were in favor of laws enforcing civil behavior, and the third was against such laws. The third was written by yours truly. I’ve already gotten about a dozen emails telling me how wrong I am. I answered each one politely. It’s fun.

I had lunch with the head of the editorial page of the Shenzhen Daily a few days ago. He lived through the Cultural Revolution and had some interesting stories. He was forced to work on a farm from age 17 until 25. After that he became a college teacher where he taught almost every subject because the education system had been more or less destroyed during the C.R. He has led an interesting life. Now he tutors English in his home. We chatted for nearly 3 hours.

Below are a couple of random pics from my neighborhood.


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Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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