Living in China. October 23, 2012. Sidewalk Haircut, Eating, and Walking.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21. Got up a little later than usual (07:00) after being out so late the night before. Sat down at the computer and wrote yet another piece for the Shenzhen Daily before 10:00. I’ve been very prolific lately, and I doubt that a fourth of my pieces will be published, but it’s good mental exercise. Maybe I should look for another publication that might be interested in my ravings. Decided I’ll ask Kevin, my editor, if has any suggestions.
I’m always open to new experiences, so I got my hair cut by a sidewalk barber yesterday. It included a touch-up shave and eyebrow trim. Cost was 6 Yuan (under $1.00 USD). My only complaint was the barber didn’t have a blower, so he blew the cut hair off with his breath, and he had bad breath. Sea said it looks good.

The two pictures above are of sidewalk gambling. Old men squat and play cards for small stakes for hours.
Bought 3 mangoes on my way home this afternoon. They were 0.40 each. I have never bough a mango before, and thought they’d be good in yogurt. When I showed them to Sea she said they were no good. What do I know?

MONDAY, OCTOBER 22. Sea had a friend from Harbin come by last night. They laid some blankets out on the floor in the den and went to bed there. I got up to use the bathroom about 04:00 and they were still jabbering away. I woke up about 06:00, but laid in bed until 07:00 to keep from disturbing them. When the construction began next door, I decided if I played on the computer it would be less annoying, so I got up and made coffee.

The so-called “cold front” must have passed. It’s warm this morning and the air is dirty again.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23. Another warm and hazy day. Vivian and Eleven came by and spent the day. Vivian said Eleven had a bad night and kept her up, so she immediately went to bed while Sea looked after the baby.
The picture above is of dinner after it was chopped and before it was cooked.
About 12:30 I went out for my walk. I returned about 16:00. Sea was beginning to prepare dinner. I suggested we go out since she had worked hard all day taking care of Eleven. She said no because her kids enjoy her cooking much more than they like anything at a restaurant. We ate at home.

I snapped the pictures above at random on my walks. I see some of them are out of order, but the computer is running very slowly today, so I’m not going to fix them.

About Charles Kirtley

Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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