Living in China. October 25, 2012. Dangerous Street Crossing, Food.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24. Woke up early and knocked out another 700+ word essay by 11:00. The pic above is not Paris. It is of a park in Shenzhen called Window of the World.

Wandered into my old neighborhood today. Decided to stop by the noodle shop for some hand pulled noodles to take home. To my shock it was gone and another tiny cafe was in its place. I considered asking the owners of the new place what happened, but decided it would be a waste of time because of language. This is a terrible disappointment. For $1.20 you could get a giant bowl of noodles, veggies and a few paper thin pieces of meat plus a side bowl of broth. It was very good. In fact it was one of my favorite places to eat. The  pictures above are of the old the shop. Somewhere I have a pic of the guy making noodles, but can’t find it now. Will add it when it turns up.

Edison had to work late so Sea and I went out for dinner. There aren’t the variety of cafes and restaurants in my new neighborhood, but there are several. We went to one that served set meals, each with rice, a meat, and a veggie. It seemed to cater to a lot of single diners, so I guess that’s why they served dishes like this instead to the traditional Chinese family style where everyone eats a little of everything. You order and pay when you come in the door. You are given a number and place it on the table. The food is brought out quickly. It was very good, and very inexpensive. The picture above is of the restaurant exterior.

It’s chestnut season here. The streets have little carts where chestnuts are roasted in pebbles over charcoal. We bought a small bag of hot chestnuts on the way home. They were very good. I ate them until I nearly felt sick.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25. Got up about 06:15 and knocked out an 850+ word essay by 10:00. I’m having dinner with Kevin, my editor, tomorrow night. I intend to ask him if he has any ideas about what to do with my writing. Not that it matters. I write for myself. Brain exercise.
Sea is off again today taking care of more personal business. I have no idea what it’s about, but she spread her papers all over the kitchen table this morning and began filling them out. When she was satisfied he gathered them up and left. I imagine she’ll return with everything covered in red stamps.

There is an eight lane road with no stop light that I cross most days. There is a painted crosswalk and vehicles are supposed to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. I read three people were run over there by a dump truck on Tuesday. One died. The driver said his brakes failed. I never attempt a crossing unless I’m in a knot of Chinese. I’ll be even more cautious from now on.

The rest of the pics are various dishes we’ve had from time to time.


I found out that Sea’s business was trying to get visa to visit America. I told her I might have return if my E.C. house sells and invited her to accompany me. We have a mutual friend named Joyce who travels to America at least once a year. Sea invited her to join our little dinner group tomorrow night so she could learn the best way to secure a visa. Nothing is easy in China.

About Charles Kirtley

Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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