Living in China. November 3, 2012. Another Party.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30. Night. Went to dinner with Sea’s ex-boss who is in town for a few days. She’s kind of cute, and Sea says she’s quite rich. She owns two apartments in Beijing and three in Shenzhen. I didn’t get her picture.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31. Another bad air day in the morning, but it cleared and the sun came out about 11:00. It was very cool when I went out.

I forgot if I mentioned this in my last email, but my interview  with the Shenzhen Daily reporter was not for a profile of me. It was about foreigners living in Shenzhen. There were about 10 people interviewed. It was mentioned in only two sentences in the piece.

I also forgot to mention that I was mentioned in an online publication called The Nanfang a few weeks ago. It was about political opinions of the coming election. I got a long paragraph in that one.

I try to eat a banana every morning and I was out, so I stopped by Vanguard on my home to buy a few. I had read in the paper that persimmons are very cheap now, so I bought four. I also bought some oranges. There was a crowd around the egg display, so I assumed the eggs were well priced. I bought ten. I also bought a dozen cookies. By the time I got home one of the eggs was broken and one of the persimmons was crushed. Sea used the broken egg to make egg drop soup for dinner.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1. Very nice weather today, sunny and comfortably cool. Got invited to a dinner party at a fish restaurant tomorrow night. Sea invited her ex-boss to accompany us.

The construction going on next door includes two large cranes that do nothing but hammer away whatever was once built on the site. Sometimes it is very loud. The construction noise is very little, but the hammering began about 09:00 this morning and is still going on. I hope whatever they are demolishing is destroyed soon. It looks like they are going to build two basement floors, probably for parking like in my building. Once the basement is complete the hammering will stop.

Last night Sea showed me the household expenses for October. Being an ex-accountant she is very meticulous in her bookkeeping. If she goes to the market she will write she spent W Yuan on a bottle of lotion, X Yuan on meat, Y Yuan on vegetables, and Z Yuan on fruit. The total for the month came to $1558.60 USD. I paid a little under $1000. She and Edison paid the rest. That’s a lot more than when we lived in the other place, but the new place is worth the money.

Got 2000 Yuan out of the bank for November’s rent. Checked my balance when I got home. I made 3 – 2000 Yuan withdrawals this month. The first cost $316.00, the second $319.00. The one today cost $321.00. The value of the dollar is dropping like a rock.
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2. Another nice day, weather-wise. The paper said it’s supposed to reach 25 today. It’s sunny.  Went for my walk and returned early to try to take a nap before dinner, but couldn’t get to sleep.
Went to dinner with Sea and Vivian. Sea’s ex-boss was supposed to come, but for some reason she didn’t show up.
The first picture is of Vanguard where I sometimes shop. It’s like a small Walmart and sells most everything. The second is of a little cafe where I like to eat. Very good food. Very inexpensive. The third and fourth are random pics to the new neighborhood. The fifth is of the fish tanks in front of the restaurant. The rest are from last night’s dinner party.

About Charles Kirtley

Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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