Living in China. November 6, 2012. Flute and Fruit

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4. Another bright and comfortably cool day. Vivian and Eleven spent the day with us again. They came by about 09:30. Edison slept all morning. At 12:30 when I went out he was still in bed.

Took a long walk this afternoon. For some reason I was feeling unusually energetic. Sea’s sister gave me two small jars of tea when we were in Urumqi. It is made from a small red dried flower. It’s supposed to be god for “fat in the blood,” whatever that means. It tastes pretty good so I’ve been mixing it with a few leaves of green tea for my morning drink. I had four giant cups this morning. I wonder if it’s given me a little more energy.

Anyway, while I was walking I spied a China Daily newspaper at a news kiosk. It’s in English. I’ve read it before at the Futian Library branch, but never seen it for sale. I bought a copy then I walked back to the newsstand where I usually buy my papers and showed it to the woman. I asked her if she could get it. I told her I’d buy a copy every day if she could get it. She said yes, but I’m really not sure if she understood what I was asking. Will find out tomorrow.During my walk I heard a flute playing. It was the guy who plays in front of his restaurant. I hadn’t seen him for more than a year, and of course he remembered me. I sat down and enjoyed his music and a beer. The first two pictures are of him. He’s very good.

Vivian, Eleven, Sea and I went out for dinner at a small cafe close to the house. Vivian had a set meal. Sea had a would of rice and green onion porridge plus some sort of very large dumpling made of rice with mushrooms and spinach inside. I had chicken soup that was very good except the chicken was full of bones. It was very inexpensive.

Sunny and comfortable weather again today. There are at least 4, maybe 6 “American Idol” type shows on Chinese TV. They run at night and are repeated in the morning at about 09:00. Sea is hooked on them and watches every day. On the days when the construction next door is loud, she turns up the sound so it’s louder than the outside noise. I can’t even put my ear buds in and hear anything. Fortunately the shows just last an hour. Then the TV goes off.

The woman at my news kiosk had the China Daily, so I bought all three papers and headed to the park. On my way home I bought a bag of hot chestnuts. I ate more than half of them before dinner. Sea had eaten a box of chicken feet, so neither of us was hungry for dinner. We walked to a little cafe and where Sea got a bowl of rice porridge, I got a bowl of chicken and mushroom soup, and we got something to take home to Edison.

The Shenzhen Daily made a deposit into Sea’s account for some of my writing. It wasn’t a large amount and Sea asked if she could give it to Eleven for her birthday. I said fine, but suggested should should buy something frivolous for herself instead. We kind of left it at that. When I returned home she was literally dancing on air like a kid at Christmas. She had bought a heavy vest and a short coat for 705. Yuan. They had been marked 1998. RMB and were on sale. Then Sea talked them down even  farther to 705. RMB. She was much more excited about the discount than with the actual clothes.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6. Another bright and pleasant day. Got up at 06:15 and wrote a 1000+ word piece and sent it into Shenzhen Daily before 11:00. A few weeks ago Vivian gave me some tea that has flowers, fungus, seeds, and god knows what else in it. I threw in a few green tea leaves and have had 3 giant cups this morning.

Today all Google services have been blocked. I assume it has something to do with the party congress meeting in Beijing. I have as VPN, so I still have access to everything, as do most people.

We’re going to dinner with Robert tonight. We’re going to the same place as we did a few days ago. It’s an outdoor Muslim place with grilled mutton.
Sea always keeps a lot of fruit around. The third is what she keeps out on the table. There are apple, kiwis, and pears in the fridge. The fourth picture is of what the large yellow fruit looks like when opened. It’s sort of like a grapefruit.
The fifth picture is of as giant jar of some sort of alcoholic beverage Sea has. I don’t know where she got it, but I’m sure someone gave it to her. She’s had it for a couple of years. She says it’s for the winter. Last night we tasted it. It was horrible. It will have to be a very cold winter before I’d drink it.

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Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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