Living in China. November 19, 2012. Quiet

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11. It was very cool this morning. I might have to break out my long pants soon. I woke up at 04:30 and tried unsuccessfully to go back to sleep, but was unsuccessful, so I got up at 05:30 and banged out an 1100+ word piece, but didn’t send it to Shenzhen Daily. I’m going to see if I can find something else to do with my stuff.

Vivian and the baby came by at 09:00. She, Sea, and Eleven went out to a pharmacy to get something for the baby. I don’t know what or why. They were back in less than an hour.

Went out about 13:00. It was quite cool and windy. I guess a cool front was coming through. About 15:00 the sun came out. About 16:00 I headed home. Stopped at Vanguard for some hand lotion. My elbows have gotten a little chapped, probably from the change in weather combined with sitting at my desk reading, writing, and playing computer chess a few hours every day. Picked up some kiwis for Eleven, some oranges and a loaf of bread for Sea, and some bananas for myself. On my way home I bought a bag of hot chestnuts from a street vendor. I’m afraid to look up the calorie content of chestnuts. Since I like them, I’m sure they’re not good for you. I ruined my dinner eating then.

I have to go to Hong Kong tomorrow to get my visa stamped. Filled out my paperwork before going to bed.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12. Went to Hong Kong about 09:30. Sea accompanied me since she has her new passport that allows unlimited visits. We went shopping in a multi-story mall.  I wanted to find a pair of shoes that fit me. No luck. There was a temporary carpet laid down and I tripped and fell. Landed on my left shoulder. No damage except to my pride. It was the first time I’ve fallen since leaving the hospital.

On the way back we stopped at the Duty Free store and bought a bottle of wine to take to the party on December 8. I bought a box of 5 German cigars. They had some very strong warning labels attached. I took a picture of some of them.

Sea went out this morning to get some document approved in her quest for a visa. After an hour or so she returned, flustered.It seems something was wrong. She got on the phone then tried again. Whatever was wrong was fixed by an 800 yuan bribe. She got her red stamp.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15. Vivian had dinner with us. We opened a bottle of French Bordeaux I received for my birthday. Pretty good, but not as good as Aldi‘s.

Got together with friends for dinner at an outdoor barbecue place, There was a very loud Frenchman there. He was with two young Chinese girls and was very loud, very gregarious. I liked him immediately. One of his girls got my number. She said she wanted to interview me.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19. It’s been very quiet. Vivian and Sea went shopping and got back about 19:00. They bought me a pair of warm house slippers for winter. I’ll post a few pics above.

The first is of a clam dish I had one afternoon. It cost a little more than $4. USD.
The second is an outside view of the Futain checkpoint to Hong Kong.The third is of the creek that runs by my building.The fourth is of a box of cookies Sea bought. They’re very light, like filo dough on the top and bottom with a sweetish layer in the center. A box of 12 cost under $2. USD.The fifth is of the construction next door. The thing in the top left is what they  are pounding down. Noisy.


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Have been living in SE Asia and China since 2007. I have an opinion on most every subject, and don't mind sharing them. Lover and collector of worthless facts.
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